Lenso Project-D D-1SF : Conqueror of “Supadrift”

Lenso Project-D D-1SF wheel is a flow forming wheels which is light, strong and beautiful. It is very popular in Thailand and many other countries around the world for its look and performance. But sometimes words are not enough and action does speak louder than words. Therefore the D-1SF wheels are put to test in many tracks around the world.

In South Africa, the Lenso Project-D D-1SF wheel was put to severe test in the “Supadrift” event. The car was driven by professional drift competitor “Armand Chucky Bronkhorst” and he showed what the D-1SF wheel can go through. The wheels were severely punished and tested but in the end, it came out with flying colors. The result cemented the wheels and Lenso’s reputation as one of the top alloy wheels manufacture in the world.

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