Lenso Off-Road Festival 2018 : “Mud Up or Shut UP”

It’s that time of the year again where Lenso Wheel introduce their new Off-Road wheel to their Fans and to the Public. And to do this, there is no better place than the “Lenso Off-Road Festival 2018: Mud Up or Shut up” which is of course, organized by Lenso Wheels.

The event was held on the 3rd of March 2018 at Sriracha, Thailand; and the main purpose of the event is to introduce new Lenso Off-Road wheels and to show strength and prowess of the wheels.

For this event, Lenso bought out everything they had under the off-road concept to showcase the variety of wheel model and style that Lenso has in their production line. The main highlight of this event was the introduction of 4 Lenso MAX-X series which includes X07, X08, X09, and X10.

The reception of the event was very good and there were many activities involving off-road vehicle ranging including 4x4 racing to an “Off-Road” Gymkhana racing. Attendees were also given a chance to sit in an off-road vehicle driven by an expert and experience the thrill of an off-road track.

For information on Lenso Off-Road wheels, please contact Lenso Staff for more details.

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