Lenso Wheel is excited to introduce our new “Luxury” wheel range for SUVs and 4x4s. The MAX-X wheel or more commonly known as the “X-Series” wheel is an “American Style” wheel designed under the “Off-Road” concept with an aggressive look. But hidden within the aggressive look is the details and finishing which makes the wheel beautiful and eye-catching. We can therefore say that the “X-Series” wheel is “Aggressively Beautiful”.

The “X-Series” wheels were introduced by Lenso to the public at the “Thailand International Motor Expo 2017” and the reception was very good. There were many interested parties asking for the availability of the wheels both from Thailand and Abroad.

Currently the “X-Series” wheels have 5 models ranging from the X07-X11. The X07 wheel, which is the 1st model in our X-Series is a wheel with a hole designed similar to its predecessor, the popular “MAX-6”. But, what makes it completely different form the “MAX-6” wheel is the outer rim with its metallic look and the aggressive looking center cap which makes the wheel look very strong and stylish making it very suitable for an “Off-Road” vehicles.

For more information on our X-Series wheel, please contact our sales executive at:

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