Drifting in the Down Under - D1NZ Pro-Championship.
Lenso is always proud to associate ourselves with major racing and drifting events around the world. This time we are again involved in the drifting competition the “D1NZ Pro-Championship”
Lenso Project-D D-1SF : Conqueror of “Drift Outlaw”
Lenso Project-D D-1SF wheel is a flow forming wheels which is light, strong and beautiful. It is very popular in Thailand and many other countries around the world for its look and performance.
The Magnificent Ten 2018
The “The Magnificent Ten 2018” is an event organized to promote an Off-Road vehicles. “Grand Prix International Public Company Limited”
Toyota “One-Make” Race 2018
Toyota Motor Corporation has released the information about the 2018 “One-Make” race. This race will consist of 4 divisions racing in 5 Circuit all over Thailand. There will be more
Lenso Off-Road Festival 2018 : “Mud Up or Shut UP”
It’s that time of the year again where Lenso Wheel introduce their new Off-Road wheel to their Fans and to the Public.