A brillion day! – Lenso Wheel by a formal partner in South Africa, A1Wheel & Tyre, has again never missed to join such a racing format like no other that mixes donuts with clipping points and powerslides with apexes, its tyre smoke filled vision of racing genuis.

How the Lenso Wheel does to drivers’ feeling, need to say more?

Lenso Wheel always does a great confidence to the driver not only for the quality concern but also facinating by their unique design. Lenso Wheel has been growing year on year, and to have its expand to an incredible country with those people who are very passionate about motorsport like South Africa is very exciting; it is such a warm welcome.

Lenso Wheel will get better and bigger from time to time for staying beside those car lovers by bringing forth the very best aluminum allow wheel from more than 30-year experience with more than 30 countries reputation Worldwide.

The unique competition setup is unlike any other, and allows small power to take down big Brake Horse Power in all out automotive combat. Split into two classes, given drivers of All Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive cars the chance to go head to head and against the clock, on a custom designed course.

Now celebrating its sixth year of tyre slaying competition, Gymkhana GRiD is locked and loaded for the 18th and 19th of November, and set to shred the tread at the Impressive Carnival City resort, Johannesburg.

Vic Pardal, South African motorsport expert, MC, and professional drifter who has an infinite love for the car culture and well-known as Mr. Race – Drift – Life has given an honored to Lenso Wheel in joining the event participating as a driver with his buddy, Mercedez.

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