Lenso Around the World : Japan Road Show

Lenso Around the World : Japan Road Show

This edition of Lenso around the World comes from Japan. Final Konnexion, who is one of our Japanese dealers, has been on the wheel 4 times last month displaying their product including Lenso wheels at 4 different events in Japan.

According to them, the response towards Lenso Wheel was “Pretty Good” with interest from many people. They mainly like the design of our wheel, especially the “Road & Terrain” and the “Venom” series.

The events that they exhibit, although are not that big, were attended by more than 1000 visitors for each of them. These kinds of events are being organized by “Yellow Hat” and “Auto Bacs” on a weekly basis around Japan. By attending these kinds of event, Lenso brand awareness is being spread around different parts of Japan by our Japanese agents.

So all you Lenso Fans in Japan, you can find Lenso Wheels at these event organized by “Yellow Hat” and “Auto Bacs”.

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