Introducing the 12 Zodiacs with LENSO WHEELS

When it is the time to buy a car, some people may pick their car based on its engine performance, elegant exterior looks, or from the durability of the car. But do you know why each and everyone of us all have different car tastes? This is because of our varying zodiacs. Some Zodiacs may have a love for the beauty of the car, its active fluency and just its overall appearance. While some Zodiacs finds the car’s utility the most important aspect into picking the right car for them. Now, people will have the opportunity to choose their own car style according to their Zodiac with the all new Zodiac and Alloy LENSO WHEELS SERIES.


Aries (April 13 - May 13) - Most people are fond of sports cars that are famous and popular among foreigners. Own a multi-million car supercar with LENSO wheel with CONQUISTA SERIES

The "CONQUISTA" Series offers an outstanding performance over the same size wheels with acceleration and familiar balance shown in presents contest results

Taurus (May 14 - June 13) - The car that Taurus’ love is usually strong, workable and durable. The car must be worth the price and last long.

         So when the time comes to buy a car. Taurus’ may be looking for a multi-purpose seat. A variety of applications, and the ability to modify the car to your needs, in addition to your desires. Enhance your car with LENSO ES SERIES

         A new definition of stylish driving in a distinctive and detailed European style. The "ES" series reflects the personality of the rider. A popular and modern design that pays close attention to every detail.

Gemini (June 14 - July 14) - The Geminis are often the ones who loves to maneuver around. So the car for this type of people are often vehicles that contain high mobility and are durable enough to traverse the various shortcuts. A city car can answer all of your problems, having it the perfect size with an active look but as well as the durability.

For the LENSO Alloy Wheels are perfect for your active lifestyle and as well as the PROJECT D wheels, which are widely accepted as being great wheels for smooth racing. This is a high performance wheel that is built to handle professional racing, it will add well to the sporting performance of your car.

Cancer (July 15 - August 16) - Cancers are family lovers and a rather rational people. Considering that the budget is important Cancers know when to splurge.

         Before buying a car Cancers often think carefully. What can this car do? How well does this car work? It needs to be efficient in both day and night and no matter what the weather.

         This means that Cancers are suitable for this four-wheel drive due to the fact that this car can meet their needs to the fullest. The LENSO Alloys that will fit and enhance your Four Wheel style and car’s appeal are wheels from the GRUNT SERIES or the INTIMIDATOR SERIES

Leo (17 August - 16 September) - Leos are honest and are very involved with anything that has to do with gold. Cars that Leos will choose are often a cars with some sort of gold on them to reflect their personal taste and that of the car. Their cars also have to look better than any other car, so a two-door European car or four-door utility vehicle can fully reflect Leos’ identity. In addition, this would be a great asset for Leos as the luxury of the LENSO Alloy with OPUS SERIES Alloy, inspired by the song and the melody of poetry and classical music Generate immortal design with elegant lines that will charm and provide power to cast a spell on all eyes.

Virgo (September 17 - October 16) - Virgos often do not like to spend big chunks of money. Everything that is bought will be worth and the people of this zodiac are always very kind. They also like to volunteer to drive others.

         In addition, before the Virgos buy a car, they would always be careful into choosing the perfect car for them.They would often find informations about the various cars before buying on the internet and consider its lifespan, durability, or even resale prices.

         So the perfect cars for the Virgos would be any popular 4 door city cars. Cars like this will be able to meet your needs as it gives you a quiet, reliable, long-lasting engine, you can be sure. For the LENSO PROJECT D family, add uniqueness to your drive.

Libra (October 17 - November 16) - What Libra considers when buying a car is the charisma of a car, which is one of the main things Libra people look for when buying a car. They also like to travel in pairs which makes a two-seater car ideal for them .        

People from this zodiac do not care about where the car is produced nor the production year. Their biggest interest is in the comfort, so Libras are always satisfied with any care that has car that has a luxury look which can be helped with the addition of the LENSO VENOM 2 wheels that can help enhance the charm and more notably, make the car stand out.

Scorpio (November 17 - December 15) - Scorpio’s dream car is usually a luxury, futuristic car. The people in this zodiac are often passionate about luxury cars and the expensive supercars. When Scorpios buy their car, they would look for a sporty and mobile vehicle first and most importantly would decorate the inside and the outside of their car black.

So a popular four-door custom city car is perfect for the zodiac of scorpio. The SAMURAI LENSO wheel catches people's eyes due to its sharpness and its elegance. Inspired by the sword of samurais, we created the “Samurai” series, following the legendary myths and tales of the samurais which no one will be able to compete with. Making this one of the most mimicked wheels all over the world. Add flare to your car now!

Sagittarius (December 16 - January 15) - Sagittarius’ often prefer large, thick, elegant and eye-catching vehicles. Sagittarius’ also have a lot of friends. They will often be looking for a big car that can take all their friends to concerts or to play games and one third of the car must be large enough to bring the dog with them too. A car that would be Sagittarius’ favorite is usually a large multi-purpose vehicle. LENSO MAX SERIES EXTREME EXTREME SPEED EXPERIENCE Off-road style four-wheel drive for brutal road characterized by a strong structure is the answer.

Capricorn (January 16 - February 12) - Capricorns often think carefully when buying a car. They would consider cars that are at a reasonable price, whether it is worth every baht and the car must be durable as well. These are known to be the main traits for the Capricorn's car.

       In addition, the passion for quality car. Not limited to modern cars. It also includes classic cars such as the 1957 Chevrolet, or cars that its value doesn’t drop. And if it is a modern car, it must not be a luxury car that looks too flashy or extravagant. Because what you look for first is the quality of the car and the LENSO JAGER SERIES provides just that with elegant patterns and uniqueness. This will put your identity on the car.

Aquarius (February 13 - March 13) - Aquarius people are often different from others. What do you always do to stay eye-catching? Since wearing clothes. To the drive

         So, the sign of the zodiac is like a car. Energy-saving hybrid cars Or maybe a classic car. That is not old. Although it has been used before, and of course, to enhance the eye-catching. Aquarius people always stick to the sticker on the back of the car.

         Add smart And chic notably Give your car a magical LENSO GRANDDIOZA SERIES. It can also add luxury to your car as well.

Pisces (March 14 - April 12) - Pisces have the love and passion for cars and would always take care of their car and cherish it. However, the usual cars for pisces are usually larger in size to be able to take their loved ones anywhere or drive for their family. So people in this zodiac are often interested in the more expensive cars but it must also be functional. It might be cars such as SUVs. Because people in this zodiac are often dreamers, the car itself must be beautiful as well. And with the help of the LENSO BLACK ANGEL SERIES Alloy, your car will be more luxurious and more classy.