Road & Terrain-H Wheel Alloy is the newest model of high quality performance on smooth and dusty terrain for the hitchhiker. It is used with the most popular SUVs from all over the world.

          With the new and legendary Road & Terrain-H, you can be assured of a high quality ride on both smooth and dusty surfaces. Combined with a sporty design, it is not surprising that this is the most popular wheel for the SUV all around the world

          The Road & Terrain-H is designed as an Edge Spoke Milling, revealing the beauty of the six-spoke Concave style, adding smartness to the style of the alloy shaft with the Ball Cut technique. Shine is added to make Road & Terrain-H look more dimensional.

          The Road & Terrain-H literally spins all the way to the eye. Exciting performances and sporty styling is revealed in the form of the "SUV" Alloy, ready to invade both smooth and dusty terrain.

          The Road & Terrain-H is designed for 6x139.7 pickups and SUVs. Available in 3 sizes: 18x9.5 / 18x10.5 and 20x9.5 inches. Available in four colors. Black Hyper Edge Lathe (HDA) 2. Black on the Chameleon (MBA) 3. Black on the Band (MB) 4. Black Shadow on the Chameleon (BKA)

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